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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a United States unincorporated territory with Commonwealth status located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands..
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Doing business in Puerto Rico?

Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico 
The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit organization of business persons and firms from all geographic areas and industrial and commercial sectors in Puerto Rico : agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and services such as wholesale and retail trade, transportation and communications, banking and finance and professional services. Also serves and has the support of 60 affiliated trade and professional associations. The Chamber is committed to a vision of its role as the Voice of Private Enterprise. Read More Information


Cámara de Comerciantes Mayoristas
Founded in 1929 to serve the food industry and related business. Our services include lobbying before the Puerto Rico Legislature; group representation in the Federal Bankruptcy Court as creditors; member representation in local courts as creditors; legal counseling; educational seminars; health plans; cellular and beepers; pension plans and 401k services; trade show and expositions at an annual convention. Read More Information

Caribbean Hotel Association 

The CHA is dedicated to fostering excellence in hospitality, leadership in marketing, and sustainable growth in tourism for the benefit of its members and that of the wider community.  Read More Information


Centro Unido de Detallistas de PR 

A non-profit trade association with a membership over 20,000. Founded in 1891 with the mission of protecting and enhancing small- and medium-sized retail businesses through development of public policy and lobbying for favorable legislation, it also provides its members a variety of services, such as various health and insurance programs, computerized accounting services, legal services, and others. Read More Information


Puerto Rico Golf Association 
Governing body of the sport of golf at the amateur level. Founded in 1954 by a group of golf enthisiasts the PRGA has being in charge of all championships where golfers are selected to represent PR at the international level. The PRGA will be hosting the World Amateur Team Championships ( in October 2004 at the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort & Golf Club. For more information please contact Mr. Julio Soto at 787-721-7742.
Read More Information


Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Assn.  We are the primary voice of the Island ’s hotel and tourism industry, with a key role in representing, protecting, promoting, and informing the industry to enable members to achieve their objectives. PRHTA was established in 1950 in San Juan as a not-for-profit trade association and is composed of approximately 468 corporate members, such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour companies, cruise lines and suppliers of goods and services to the tourism industry. Read More Information

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Assn.  
Represents the interests of the membership on all fronts, including the US Congress and Puerto Rico ’s Legislature and executive agencies. Regular and special publications keep members abreast of the latest information on legislation, labor relations and other matters. Regional and committee meetings, seminars, convention and trade fairs offer members opportunities to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas on areas of high concern. 
Read More Information


Sales & Marketing Executives Association of San Juan  
Non-profit organization that promotes the continued education of its members. Read More Information

Unión Gastronómica - Local 610 
We represent workers primarily in the tourism industry, in hotels and PR Tourism Co. employees. However, we also represent workers in hospitals, private membership clubs and others. Our services include negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and enforcing resulting contracts. Read More Information


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The Fajardo Inn has a friendly and courteous staff and can accommodate your unique needs. The rooms are impeccable, including air conditioning, television and a telephone. Enjoy panoramic views of the Caribbean, Atlantic, and El Yunque rain forest from the hotel.

Along with our accommodations, you will find that there are many activities in and around Fajardo. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, golf, tennis, casinos, horseback riding, tours of El Yunque or El Faro along with trips to the beautiful islands of Culebra or Vieques.

The Fajardo Inn has a friendly and courteous staff and can accommodate your unique needs. The rooms are impeccable, including air conditioning, television and a telephone. Enjoy panoramic views of the Caribbean, Atlantic, and El Yunque rain forest from the hotel.

Along with our accommodations, you will find that there are many activities in and around Fajardo. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, golf, tennis, casinos, horseback riding, tours of El Yunque or El Faro along with trips to the beautiful islands of Culebra or Vieques.

The Fajardo Inn has a friendly and courteous staff and can accommodate your unique needs. The rooms are impeccable, including air conditioning, television and a telephone. Enjoy panoramic views of the Caribbean, Atlantic, and El Yunque rain forest from the hotel.

Along with our accommodations, you will find that there are many activities in and around Fajardo. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, golf, tennis, casinos, horseback riding, tours of El Yunque or El Faro along with trips to the beautiful islands of Culebra or Vieques.


The Fajardo Inn is only minutes away from beautiful beaches, golf, tennis and casinos. The ferry terminal and local airport to Vieques and Culebra are nearby. We are less than an hour from San Juan, but if you'd like to relax, swim in our refreshing pool and work on a tan.





Other fun activities include: horseback riding on various trails in the area, day trips to Culebra or Vieques Island or one of our many nearby beaches, snorkeling or scuba diving around the coral andtropical fish, guided tours of historical sites in the surrounding area or spend some time sailing. Whatever it is that you want to do, you'll be able to do it here. Please be sure to plan as much of your trip, as you can, before you get here. This will allow you more freedom.

The El Yunque rain forest, with it's halo of clouds, towering over the Luquillo mountains and the rain forest, can also be seen from the top of our hill. A close view of El Yunque is only a short drive from the Inn and has a spectacular view from its peak.



P.O. Box 4309
Puerto Real, PR 00740
Tel: (787) 860-6000
Fax: (787) 860-5063
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Welcome to Rincon, Puerto Rico's favorite beach town. Rincon, Puerto Rico is a corner of paradise, with lush tropical hills that overlook golden beaches and crystal waters, where the sun sets behind a mountain in the sea.

Rincon is a secluded beach town that has allowed time and the troubles of the world to pass it by.  It is a special place, filled with delightful sights, sounds and friendly people. To those of you who visit us to keep in touch, welcome back! You will agree that these pages contain a mere representation of what can only be seen with one's own eyes. If you haven't been to Rincon, visit us soon- but be warned: you may never want to leave.

Rincon has been welcoming visitors since 1770, although many believe that Columbus paid us a brief visit in 1493. Local legends tell about the Pirate Cofresí and of his hidden treasure, which could still be buried in our shores and hills. Indeed, Spanish treasure has been found in the clear, shallow waters of Rincon. 

During the late 1950's, Sea Beach Colony, a quaint collection of beach bungalows and streamline trailers, was the first Rincon vacation resort. In 1968, Rincon became the surfing capital of the world, attracting young visitors from all over the world, to participate in an international surfing competition. The number of visitors exceeded all expectations and there was hardly enough lodging to accommodate them all, so in accordance with the times, many camped out on the beaches. Today, Rincon, Puerto Rico has become a great place for an ocean getaway holiday.

Our fine vacation rentals and lodging accommodations include resorts, hotels, guest houses, inns, condo apartments and five-star oceanfront suites with private pools. Besides surfing competitions, Rincon hosts triathlons, marathons, blue water fishing tournaments, music festivals and many other events. 

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Marine Forecast

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Tamboo Surf Cam

Oceans Unlimited

Water Temp: 79F

Visibility: 125 Ft. offshore, 60 Ft. near shore.

Moondog Charters

Dorado, Wahoo,

Black Fin Tuna

 Whales spotted near El Faro.

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Puerto Rico Basic Facts

History  In 1993, Puerto Rico celebrated the 500th anniversary of its discovery by Colombus. Settled by explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, the Island was a Spanish possession for over four centuries. Puerto Rico came under United States sovereignty by thr Treaty of Paris signed on December 10, 1898, terminating the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans have been US citizens since 1917. In July 1950, the US Congress enacted Public Law 600. It provided that existing laws which defined the political, economic, and fiscal realtionship between Puerto Rico and the United States should remain in full force. It also authorized Puerto Rico to draft and approve its own Constitution, which took effect on July 25, 1952. Puerto Rico's relationship with the US is referred to as commonwealth status.

Political Trends  For many years there have been two major views in Puerto Rico with respect to the Island's relationship with the United States, one favoring commonwealth status and the other favoring statehood. A small group supports independence for Puerto Rico. Voters supporting a continuing relationship for Puerto Rico with the United States Mainland have dominated Island elections over the years.

Part of the USA  Puerto Rico is part of the US. There are no travel restrictions to other US areas and no customs duties or quotas on shipments between Puerto Rico and the US Mainland. Products manufactured in Puerto Rico are "Made in the USA". The people of Puerto Rico do not vote in national elections. They are represented in Congress by a Resident Commissioner who has a voice in the House of Representatives but no vote. Most federal taxes are not levied in Puerto Rico. No federal income tac is collected from island residents on ordinary income, except in cases of Federal employees.

Geography  Puerto Rico measaures 100 miles by 35 miles with an area of 3,464 square miles. Topography varies from coastal flatlands to mounainous central highlands.

Climate  Trade winds ensure year-round subtropical weather. The average temperature is 74 degrees F., however, highland areas are cooler. Rainfall is abundant along the north coast and in the highlands, light along the south coast.

Population  Puerto Rico has 3.6 million people - the great majority of which are US citizens. Today, Island residents live in substantial middle-class circumstances, characterized by modern urban services and amenites. About 2.7 million Puerto Ricans also reside on the US Mainland.

Government  A democracy within the US Constitutional system, Puerto Rico's government consists of Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, with all elective positions tested by the ballot every four years. Legal protection is provided by the Constitutions of Puerto Rico and United States, with ultimate appeal to the US Supreme Court

Language  Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico. English is a compulsory second language in schools and is widely used in business, industry, research, and education.

Education  Compulsory universal education is enforced. Some 800,000 students are enrolled in public and private elementary and high schools; 160,000 students are enrolled in universities, colleges, and professional and technical schools. Of Island college students, 54% are 20-24 years of age, one of the highest world attendance rates in this age group

Labor Force  Of the 1.2 million in the Island's labor force, one million are employed and some 200,000 are seeking employment. Of the total work force, 75% has 12 or more years of schooling; one-third has completed or has had some college education.

Human Resources  Heavy public and private investment in education and special training programs has created a world-class work force in Puerto Rico. US Census figures show the Island has over 4,500 engineers, 7,700 engineering technicians, 1,200 computer programmers, 700 chemist and biochemists, 35,000 precision mechanics and repairers, and 30,000 technical production workers.

Productivity   Puerto Rico has one of the world's highest productivity ratios. Value-added in Puerto Rico's factories amounts to $10.02 for every dollar of production worker wages, which is double the mainland US average for manufacturing of $4.64, according to the US Census of Business. Based on rates of growth data over time, a comparison of manufacturing productivity show the following ranking:

Japan 1
Puerto Rico 2
United Kingdom 3
United States 4
Canada 5

Profitability  The profit-to-sales ratio for Island manufacturing (34.8%) is about seven times higher than the comparable Mainland US ratio (4.8%). Puerto Rico's manufacturing profit-to-equity ratio (34.4%) is more than three time the mainland average (10.3%)

Export/Import Comparison  In fiscal 1992, Puerto Rico's total trade reached $36.2 billion, a greater value of external trade than all other Caribbean Basin nations combined. It is also higher than any Western Hemisphere contry south of the US except Brazil and Mexico. Island merchandise exports of $21.1 billion in fiscal 1992 exceeded imports of $15.2 billion for a creditable $5.9 billion positive trade balance.

Manufacturing Industries   Manufacturing is the largest sector in the economy of Puert Rico in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fiscal 1992, manufacturing generated $13.2 billion, or 39% of GDP
Most of the Island's manufacturing output is shipped to the mainland United States, which is also the principal source of imports required by Island industrialists. Prestigious corporations, many of them listed in the Fortune 500, currently operate large-scale production facilities in Puerto Rico.

Banking System   Part of the US banking system insured by the FDIC, Puerto Rico's commercial bank assets exceeded $23 billion as of December 1992. Currency is the US dollar. Major US, European and local banks operate on the Island.


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